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2014 Audi Sport customer racing has strong and innovative international partners.


At Castrol we can't imagine life without motor racing. From 1906 our business has grown up around a passion for racing. Today we sponsor some of the world's biggest motorsport teams.

Eibach enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension springs, -components and -systems as well as high-tech industrial springs – specially for demanding applications. Eibach combines highest quality with the highest level of flexibility and efficiency, from small production batches to midsize series runs.

Endless Group is an innovative company with cutting-edge technology within brake solutions. Endless is a world leader in brake technology and has done pioneering inventions that includes everything from brake pads to complete brake systems that have been applied to both street cars and pure racing cars.


Mayer Motorsport has been manufacturing highly developed vehicle wiring for racing since 2004. This mid-sized company is one of the few specialists in this field throughout Germany. Mayer Motorsport works consistently and passionately on producing durable and light-weight cable harnesses.

Michelin Enhancing the mobility of people and goods is Michelin’s corporate mission. Automobile and motorcycle racing have always played a major role in furthering this objective. Because the racing environment is so demanding, it provides an exceptional laboratory for developing new materials, optimizing suspension systems and wheel assemblies and measuring the tyres against the competition. Audi Sport has relied on Michelin since the beginning of the sports prototype programme.

Stäubli is a global company and leader in the development and production of quick connect couplings for all media. Precision and safety as well as weight and compactness are in the foreground of the design of our innovative products for the motorsports.

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